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It's time to stop playing small

You can be successful. You can be wealthy. And you don't have to give up everything to get there.
The Joyful Business Club is a nourishing space for you to grow and develop as a business owner without pressure to be ON all the time, working to the bone, neglecting the things you hold dear and a constant feeling of overwhelm. (Been there, done that.)

Running a business (and getting it off the ground) can be exhausting, daunting and can leave you feeling like you just need to 'work harder'. You look at everyone else around you and see hustle and grind, compromise and lethargy. You see that in order to be successful in business, sacrifices are going to have to be made. And I'm hoping, seeing as you are here reading this, that you either don't want to sacrifice the good in your life OR you tried it and it felt ICK and not good.

We shouldn't have to sacrifice family time, social events and our sanity to bring in the money. After all, we got into business for the freedom to choose how we spend our time and how we make our money. So why do so many people become a slave to the machine, eventually burning out and hating their business? Some even close up shop and go back to the 9 to 5 because they don't know what to do. They feel like a failure, like they aren't cut out to be their own boss. And it's such a shame. I don't want that for you.

The Joyful Business Club focuses on not only growing your business but restoring focus and balance in all areas of your life. Getting your shit in order and finding that balance between your business, home life, kids, social life and whatever you may have going on that leads to JOY. Joy is what we are all about in The Club.

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I want you to be surrounded by positive influence, have the chance to build lasting good habits, gain the accountability you need as well as stacking the evidence up that you need to be able to fully trust yourself.

The extra effort I can't provide you, but I can help you on your way, help light that fire in your belly and guide you to going all in on your future.

“The Club has worked as the perfect business boost I needed to increase my confidence, help to organise my day and build my business further to help me achieve my goals.”

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What you get

The Club

Join in with our live training, well-being sessions and accountability calls.

Become part of our close-knit community - share your work, get a fresh perspective & get advice from fellow business owners on the same journey as you!

The Joyful Life System

As part of your membership you will get full access to our joyful life system which has been specially made to incorporate accountability, consistency & habit building to your goal setting and achieving

Tools & Resources

You get access to a wealth of past resources and you will find new ones added monthly. Monthly resources and training will come in various forms to keep it extra exciting and facilitate all learning styles!
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Investment for £22/month
The Joyful Business Club Testimonials - part one The Joyful Business Club Testimonials - part two

There is another way. A way to bring in more money but without all the stress, overwhelm and guilt. A way to be successful AND feel good. A way to grow your business and still be home to watch your kids grow.

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Investment of £22/month
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